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Our goal (other than to complete the crossing safely!) is to raise money and awareness for GiveDirectly. GiveDirectly is listed as one of the Top 24 charities worldwide as assessed by The Life You Can Save and is a partner charity of Effective Altruism Australia. This means that GiveDirectly is working on a critical issue with an effective and evidence-based method, as well as being an outstanding organisation with high integrity. As such we can be confident in the impact of the money we raise together with you.


We’ve chosen GiveDirectly because we don't think that anyone should have to live on less than $2.15 per day (purchasing power parity) and we agree with their effective, research-based, bottom-up approach to solving extreme poverty. It's motivating to know that the funds raised will go straight into the hands of real people, giving them the agency to change their own lives.

Independent reviewers agree that cash is an effective way to help people living in poverty.

Governments, non-profits, and researchers have tested variants of “just giving money” all over the world.

"Evidence was extracted from 165 studies, covering 56 cash transfer programmes in low- and middle-income countries … There is strong evidence that cash transfers are associated with reductions in monetary poverty." - ODI (source)

"Cash transfers have the strongest track record we’ve seen for a non-health intervention, and are a priority program of ours." - GiveWell (source)

"Cash transfers are more cost effective than vouchers which are more cost effective than in‐kind food assistance." - Campbell Collaboration (source)

"Cash transfers are one of the more thoroughly researched forms of development intervention." - UK Department for International Development (source)


Learn more about GiveDirectly



Your donation to GiveDirectly will be managed through Giving What We Can and is tax deductable in the US, Australia and the Netherlands. 

UK taxpayers can add Gift Aid to their donations

Thank you in advance for your support for people in need!

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